5 Effective Ways to Target Your Audience

Programmatic advertising gives businesses a massive benefit when it comes to finding new customers. Rather than directing advertising efforts on specific websites, you can target the people who are most likely to buy from you. Whether it be young adults, females, or residents of a particular city, this approach helps you find new customers without wasting your budget. Here are a few ways we’ve targeted audiences for our customers.


Behavioral targeting reaches users based on the actions they’ve previously taken.  These actions are trackable web events. We look at what consumers are researching about your product on a comparison or review site to what information they are looking at for products similar to yours.


Demographic targeting is involves serving an ad based on a web site visitor’s demographic information such as age, gender, or income. We’ve also targeted based on job title, industry, family structure, etc.


Intent targeting tries to discover why a user might have taken a particular action. Intent targeting takes into account multiple indicators, such as behaviors, search queries, and social media activity. Intent targeting requires some patience and a willingness to test and evaluate to determine what signals drive the most value.


Location-based targeting, or geo-targeting, serves ads to users based on their location data. IP addresses, Wi-Fi triangulation, and GPS data are the most common ways to geo-target users.


Targeting with beacons is a quickly growing aspect of location-based targeting. Unlike geo-targeting, beacons don’t use traditional location data like IP addresses or GPS data. Instead, brands place beacon transmitters in locations that use Bluetooth to pick up and send signals to and from Bluetooth-enabled phones. Bluetooth’s limited range gives you a much more exact idea of a consumer’s location. This technology can pinpoint whether someone is down the street, walking past your store, or standing in line at checkout.


Lookalike modeling is a valuable prospecting tactic that targets audiences who share similar characteristics or behaviors with your website visitors, email lists, or customers. Lookalike audiences are built using many different data points, and allow you to leverage your own customer list to find new people who may be interested in you.


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