Proven Tactics to Get More Clicks from Google Adwords

Your ad is limited to just a few words and phrases, so you want to ensure everything you say impacts the consumer. You can’t incorporate all of the elements that compel consumers to click in one ad, but try out some of these strategies and see what works best for your business. Get the most bang for your buck by incorporating some of these AdWords elements into your campaign.

  1. Get specific

Use very specific numbers like 53 varieties or 82 percent. Using a specific number appears more precise and credible than an approximation or round number. Specifics catch the attention of consumers.

  1. Use a strong call-to-action

If you’re end goal is action, tell the consumer what you want them to do. Use a clear, concise call-to-action in your ads that directs the consumer to your desired action.

  1. Include the benefit

Your ad will most likely be positioned right next to your competition, so include a reason for the consumer to choose you. What will the consumer gain by clicking on your ad? Product and transactional benefits can compel serious buyers to click.

  1. Add location extensions

Incorporate location extensions into your ads so consumers have that valuable information at their fingertips.

  1. Tell a story

Tease with a story about how someone found success or what your product can do to improve their life, etc. People naturally want to hear how a story ends and that teaser may be just enough to convince someone to click.

  1. Eliminate risk

If you can remove risk you will increase conversion. Give the consumers peace of mind by advertising guarantees, free trials and easy return policies.

  1. Offer free shipping

If you sell products, consider advertising a free shipping offer. High shipping costs can be a deal breaker for customers and advertising free shipping increases conversions.

  1. Ask a question

When you ask a question, consumers can’t help but answer it. Ask a question that addresses a need the consumer might have. This brief engagement might be all you need to get the consumer to click to explore more about your product or service.

  1. Spark a sense of urgency

If there is something urgent about your offer, incorporate that into your ads. Use phrases like limited time or must-have to communicate how this deal is not going to be around forever so they must act now.

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