Young Adults Are Not Ignoring Your Promotional Emails

People have claimed that email is dead among America’s younger populations. However, new data has emerged that contradicts this.

A new study notes that Millennials (people aged 18-34) prefer email over all other channels for brand communication. Email was more popular than social media, text messages, phone calls, and other sources of information. People of this generation expect personalized context and they want it to look pleasing no matter what screen they’re on, as the use of smart phones has become so popular. According to this study, about 47% of millennials say they will unsubscribe to emails because they receive emails too often from the company.

According to a study done by Fluent, 26% of millennials said that promotional emails impact their purchase decisions. Only 16% of Americans aged 35 and older agreed with that statement. In fact, older Americans were more than twice as likely (36% of participants) to say they’re never impacted by email.

Millennials say they are more impacted by email than any other digital channel. Almost half of those surveyed (48%) said that promotional emails impact their purchase decisions at least some of the time. They listed social media ads, advertisements found on the news and entertainment websites, and promotional text messages as less likely to influence their decisions.

Marketing Charts did research about purchase influencers and the results were similar. They found that more millennials were saying they’d been influenced to make a purchase in the last six months as a result of opt-in emails than social media ads they had seen in the same time frame. Millennials were close behind Gen X members as the group most influenced by email marketing.

About the Data: The Fluent survey was conducted online among 2,960 US adults, including 1,769 Millennials (18-34) and 1,191 adults aged 35 and up.

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