Five SEM PPC Tactics You Should Be Using

Are you getting the most out of your search marketing campaign? It is best to ensure you consider all angles of your campaigns so you can fulfill your goals and objectives. The following tips have proven to be affective because they have consistently deliver great results and have for several years. Will they work for you?

Specific Landing Pages

It is important to build specific landing pages for your campaigns and ad groups instead of pointing traffic to just your homepage. A custom landing page is crucial to a successful engagement with your consumers. If your landing page has a clear call to action, you can lead consumers down to purchase. Landing pages can also provide other opportunities on your website that they might have missed if you lead them to just a general page.

Focused Keyword Lists

Sustaining a focused and relevant keyword list will add value your search marketing effort more than one with many keywords: bigger is not necessarily better. With so many campaigns and ad groups, it is difficult to keep track of the effectiveness of too many keywords. You need to be able to quickly counter market changes. If your keyword list is too large, you lose the ability to gather valuable insight.

Negative Keywords

When you create a Google AdWords campaign, you spend hours researching the best keywords. If you want to get the most out of your campaign, you should also be using negative keywords. Negative keywords are words that will prevent your ads from showing if they’re searched. Managing negative keywords can help you save money and reach interested consumers. This way, people who would not use your product would not see an ad. If a consumer did see an ad that was irrelevant to them, it could lower the quality of your ads.

Conversion Tracking

High clicks and low cost-per-clicks are great, unless the traffic coming through isn’t worthwhile. Conversion tracking lets you see which keywords and ads are working for your company and why it might be worth paying more for higher quality keywords that drive better traffic. Using conversion tracking focuses more than just the bottom line more traffic, it allows you to switch to a value based ROI mindset. It is not entirely accurate, but it definitely helps you see which patterns work best.

Trial and Error

In order to improve, you have to try new things. You can continually evaluate your results and refine your strategy to improve on what is and isn’t working. While numbers are a good way to see how your campaigns are doing, sometimes the best data comes from speaking with customers and seeing what worked well for them.

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