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Slack Interactive Message Builder and Instant JSON Generator

July 24, 2017

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This is a web-based interactive Slack message builder, designed as a way to play around with creating JSON payloads that can be used to post a Slack message via webhook or API. Enter as much or as little input as you want to create your message, then click a button to copy the generated JSON, or view a live preview with Slack's tool, or even have the message actually sent via a Slack webhook (using the "Fire Webhook" button).

Programatically sending a message over Slack, either via webhook, API, or other method, can be pretty confusing. The power of Slack's rich message formatting also makes it daunting to work with, since there are tons of optional fields and parameters you can include in a payload, and the naming conventions don't always make it clear how they are to be used. This tool was designed to help understand how the various parameters get processed by Slack to make a rich Slack message.

PS: If you include the optional "Channel" parameter, the live preview tool on will throw an error, but it will actually work on webhooks/API.

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