Get a Better Google Places Rank with Local AdsUpNow

More than 3 billion searches for local goods or services take place every month. That’s a huge number, and it’s only getting bigger.

We’ve talked on this blog before about Google Places optimization and some of the ways to get your business listing higher in Google. One of the things we mentioned was using business directories to get what are called “citations.”

Citations are mentions of your business name on the Internet. So why is it important to have so many citations? Well search engines think it’s important, that’s why.

If you look at it from a search engine’s perspective, it makes perfect sense – trust the business that has more background information. Because it’s so easy to go online and list a business, one, two, or even three listings doesn’t matter much to Google. In its eyes you could be someone sitting in their mom’s basement making up businesses.

Getting business listings isn’t very difficult; you just go to the directory website, such as, create an account and list your business. The problem is that to really help your rankings, you need to get tons of listings. That’s where Local AdsUpNow comes in.

With Local AdsUpNow, all you have to do is put in your business’ information once, and we automatically submit it to hundreds of online directories. This means that instead of going to more than 100 websites and filling in your information, you just go to one website, fill in your info, and we take care of the rest for you.

Check out to get started with our directory service, because you want to be there when your customers search for you.

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