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Getting Started

Prior to attending any class at CFS you must fill out the waiver and medical history form.

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We need you to sign this waiver before you move well with us!
At CrossFit Snohomish we offer four free classes for anyone starting with CrossFit. If you have CrossFit experience we do allow you start in any of the regular classes. If you are new to CrossFit we have an amazing class named CrossFit Light that will introduce you to the principles of CrossFit but will also have the same structure of our regular CrossFit Class, we fill this gives a better understanding of our functional movements and how the class structure is managed. If you are signing up your child for CrossFit Snohomish Kids and Teens your child is also given the four free classes and will start right away in their appropriate group class.
Move well at Crossfit Snohomish. View our calendar for class dates and times.