Email and Paid Search Garner High ROI Ratings

  • 8 March 2012

New data from digital marketing firm eConsultancy says Paid Search and Email Marketing are two of the best options for high-ROI campaigns.

The data comes from a survey of marketing professionals around the globe, where they rated their satisfaction with various marketing channels.

In the report, 70% rated email marketing as either excellent (23%) or good (47%). Also, 56% of the respondents stated that paid search campaigns offered ROI figures that were either excellent (14%) or good (44%).

This is great news for small businesses. Email and Search Targeting are easy to implement into a marketing plan and, as the data shows, offer great results.

Another place that made large strides was mobile. In this survey, 41% of marketers said mobile gave them excellent or good return on their investment. This is an increase of 23% compared with the data from 2008.

Maybe your business hasn’t implemented these marketing plans, or maybe you’ve tried and it hasn’t worked out very well. Regardless of your past situation, we guarantee we can help you with your local marketing plan.

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