Deliver a Superior Chat Experience With Claire AI+

Claire AI+

Industry Expertise Meets Over a Decade of Chat Service Experience

Curated based on trends among thousands of multifamily, senior living, and student housing chat conversations, Claire AI+ is built to provide relevant and personalized answers to multifamily and senior living prospects.

Encourages Website Visitors to Ask Questions With Pre-Selected Prompts

Claire AI+ gives website visitors a low-stakes opportunity to connect with your business and ask questions. The virtual assistant kicks the conversation off with a list of commonly asked questions, prompting prospects to engage in a conversation.

Claire AI+
Claire AI+

Leverages EHO-Friendly AI to Provide Personalized Answers to Property-Related Questions

Claire AI+ is trained to answer freeform property-related questions with immediate, AI-driven responses. The application can answer a variety of questions, from “What is the price of a one-bedroom?” to “What is the parking situation?” and “What are fun things to do around the area?”.

Can Be Integrated With Live Chat for a Seamless Prospect Experience

Uniquely designed to switch seamlessly between AI and real human agents, Claire AI+ ensures prospects remain engaged, preventing them from falling out of the funnel.

Claire AI+
Claire AI+

Increases Lead Conversions

Claire AI+ exists within The Conversion Cloud® platform. This comprehensive lead management solution is integrated with leading CRMs in the multifamily and senior living industry, giving you greater flexibility in how you capture, nurture, and attribute chat leads.

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