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Live Chat

An Extension of Your Team

Your website visitors are in good hands. Our team of highly trained professionals are equipped to answer the multitude of questions your company receives online. Our team handles the initial conversations so your team can focus on following up with pre-qualified leads.

Always Ready

Our Live Chat team answers your website visitors 24/7. With an average response time of 8 seconds, our team ensures no prospect goes cold while they wait for an answer.

Live Chat
Live Chat

Answers for All

Live Chat ensures that all prospects get the answers they need. Our English-speaking team has access to real-time translation to 40+ languages.

Generate Leads

Our team has a tested and proven track record for converting inquiries into leads. Over 70% of conversations become leads and 20% schedule tours.

Live Chat
Live Chat

Qualify Through Conversation

Our Live Chat team takes the time to fully answer prospect questions and gather qualifying information. The average Live Chat conversation lasts 11 minutes, collecting valuable information to help your team sign a lease.

Integrates With Claire AI+

Prospects can start a Live Chat conversation within the same chat window as their conversation with Claire AI+, providing a seamless experience between human agents and AI.

Live Chat

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