Automated and Human Chat Solutions to Delight Prospects with Instant Answers

Chat Solutions Overview


47% of prospects visit your website outside business hours leaving them with unanswered questions. Our chat solutions give prospects the information they need 24/7, giving you the opportunity to generate leads anytime.

Increase Lead Conversions

After an initial conversation with our virtual assistant, Claire, prospects are encouraged to schedule a tour with Schedule Genie® or claim an offer with Concession Manager®. Our Live Chat team takes the time to fully answer prospect questions and gather qualifying information to help your team make a sale.

Chat Solutions Overview
Chat Solutions Overview

Discover Valuable Customer Insights

Learn what's important to your target audience. Identify the most pressing customer questions with real-time reporting in The Conversion Cloud® module, Clarity Attribution.

Flexible Chat Solutions for Every Prospect

Our virtual assistant, Claire, and the Live Chat team deliver a powerful combination of quick answers and human interaction to keep prospects engaged while promoting conversions. Claire is complimentary in your Conversion Cloud® subscription and Live Chat is a flexible option for questions tougher to anticipate.

Chat Solutions Overview
Chat Solutions Overview

Fully Integrates with Live Chat

Seamlessly incorporate Live Chat with the virtual assistant experience to deliver personalized responses from highly trained chat professionals. Live Chat can help prospects who ask questions that are complex or difficult to predict.

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