The Most Integrated Chat Solutions in the Multifamily & Senior Living Industries

Chat Solutions Overview


47% of prospects visit your website outside business hours, leaving them with unanswered questions. Our chat solutions give prospects the information they need 24/7, giving you the opportunity to generate leads anytime.

Flexible Chat Solutions for Every Prospect

Stand out from the competition with a comprehensive chat service that combines the power of AI and human agents to deliver a superior prospect experience.

Chat Solutions Overview
Chat Solutions Overview

Increase Lead Conversions

Claire AI+ prompts prospects to take actions like scheduling an appointment in Schedule Genie® or claiming a promotion in SpotlightTM, increasing lead collection and engagement. Once directed to a Live Chat agent, our highly skilled team converts 70% of prospects into leads.

Discover Valuable Customer Insights

Learn what's important to your target audience. Identify your prospects' most pressing questions with real-time reporting of topics, conversations, and leads in The Conversion Cloud®.

Chat Solutions Overview

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