Reach Your Audience at Any Time And Place With PMT+

Precision Mobile Targeting Plus
A daughter and mother looking a computer screen next to and image of a mobile advertisement to demonstrate location-based targeting technology with Precision Mobile Targeting Plus (PMT+).

Prospect-Centered Hyper-Local Targeting

After years spent on a screen and inside a home, your audience is now splitting their time between restaurants, stores, offices, events, and schools. To account for this on-the-go behavior, marketers need location-based targeting technology to reach prospects where they are at any time of the day. Get the best of both: physical location targeting and at-home mobile advertising with Precision Mobile Targeting Plus (PMT+).

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Always Be Top-of-Mind on Location and at Home

Deliver visually stunning mobile banner ads when prospects enter a set of physical locations matching your customized targeting strategy. Reach high-intent prospects when they are on the go and any time after they leave a strategic location.

Increase Ad Engagement With Post-Location Targeting

Increase your PMT click-through rates by 137% on average with post-location targeting campaigns that reach prospects after they visit a physical location.

Precision Mobile Targeting Plus
Precision Mobile Targeting Plus

Reach High-Intent Prospects With Competitor Targeting

Reach an audience already interested in your product category when you target prospects touring competitors in your local area.

EHO-Friendly Hyper-Targeting

Gain all of the benefits of strategic location targeting with none of the risks. Our team of digital marketing experts is trained to design EHO-friendly campaigns that convert.

Precision Mobile Targeting Plus

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