Capitalizing On Big Game Buzz

  • 22 January 2015

It is NFL playoff season and people are buzzing about football, especially here in Seattle where our Seahawks are Super Bowl bound after an incredible comeback against the Green Bay Packers. Although you may not have the marketing budget to buy air time during the Super Bowl (which is reportedly going for a cool $4 million for a 30-second commercial), you can still capitalize off the excitement and energy generated by the Big Game and use it to positively impact your business.

Make a game plan

You have a set amount of advertising dollars and it’s up to you to spend them how you deem most beneficial. How are you going to drive potential customers to make a purchase? You already have your plans in motion with your retargeting campaign, but consider ramping up your efforts and adding a special promotion or offer related to Super Bowl weekend.

Connect with your 12s

Seattle Seahawks fans are affectionately referred to as the 12th Man (or 12s) and the Seahawks organization masterfully connects with their fans. The 12th Man feels like they are part of the team and you can foster that same connection with your “fans.” Follow the Seahawks’ lead and stay in touch with your customers via social media and an effective marketing campaign. Offering a special incentive or offer can generate business and build brand loyalty.

NFL Conversion Driver

Execute your big play

Go above and beyond your standard offense and execute your big play with your Super Bowl offer. Through email marketing or a custom conversion driver, you can drive fans to your website and capture prospective customer information while providing them with a valuable offer. Use the Seahawks Super Bowl buzz to your advantage.

Outwit your opponent

You are not the only company selling your particular product or service, but you can be the best at selling, far exceeding others in your industry. By continually evaluating and refining your marketing campaign, you can stay 10 yards ahead of your competition. We offer several different tools to energize your online marketing, increasing leads and building your brand so you come out on top.


Putting all of the right things in motion at the right time will result in a score for your business. Increase brand awareness, convert website visitors, or reward loyal customers. Get creative and come up with a fun, Super Bowl-sized way to score a touchdown for your business.

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