How do we protect against fake website traffic and bot traffic?

  • 29 March 2013

We wanted to take a second and give a quick update in regards to the recent reports about click fraud and bot traffic. Click fraud and bot traffic have been around since the beginning of Internet advertising. Luckily, the high-tech nature of digital marketing means attempts to dupe advertisers are discovered and eradicated quickly.

At AdsUpNow, we take our jobs and your campaigns very seriously. We’ve been leaders in data targeting since our company began in 2008. We’ve bought data from multiple sources targeting against keywords, website context, user behavior and more. We’ve also developed and collected our own data targeting techniques through our proprietary website history and sitelist targeting.

The breadth of our experience gives us the ability to detect fraudulent clicks and make sure we drive only real people to your website.

One of our tactics is that we operate your campaigns with an evolving blacklist and whitelist. This means that if a certain website is delivering too many impressions for the amount of traffic it actually receives, we can blacklist that site, so your ads won’t be served on it. We also work with our providers to block sites so you always show up on sites that are brand-safe for your business.

Another way to ensure we deliver the right traffic is through Google Analytics. Our ad servers give us reports, but we like to verify the information with a third-party system to track our traffic to make sure all of the clicks we delivered actually landed on your site. Through Google Analytics we can see exactly which campaign brought the people to your site, and what they did when they got there.

We touch our advertisers’ campaigns every day to assure they are getting the best results and the highest quality clicks as possible.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you. Thank you for your support and continued business.

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