Marketing Executives Are Continuing to Shift into Digital Marketing

  • 30 March 2012

In new research from eMarketer, CMOs predicted that their ad budgets would rise 8.1%. This shows renewed confidence in the economy, and shows a general upward trend since the end of the recession in 2009.

Out of that extra 8.1% of marketing budget, most of it will be spent on digital marketing. In fact, digital marketing spend is expected to increase by 12.8% over the next year. This is the highest change out of all marketing channels, beating traditional ad spending, brand-building, and customer relationship management.

Traditional media spending is expected to drop 0.8% over the same period. This reflects the larger trend of traditional ad spend decreasing, while digital ad spend is increasing.

eMarketer also estimates that digital advertising spending will rise 23.3% this year, while traditional budgets other than TV are going to remain steady.

Now is a great time for small businesses to market themselves online. Digital marketing and advertising channels offer access to a large audience, but offer things traditional marketing channels can’t offer such as targeting and better analytics data.

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