More Auto Shoppers Researching on Mobile Devices

  • 5 June 2012

A recent report from mobile ad network Mojiva found that 69% of US consumers were interested in researching a new car using their mobile phone.

When asked which information would be most valuable in mobile auto ads, 20 percent said they wanted to find features and benefits, 12 percent wanted to book a test drive with a local dealer, and 47 percent wanted to sign up for deals and offers.

Also, ad exposure played a roll in driving direct response. As of March 2012, 57 percent of respondents said they would browse a website after seeing an ad on their phone, and 38% said they would download a mobile app.

Even though mobile research is increasing, it will be a long time before people make vehicle purchases from their phones. It is more likely that most consumers will use mobile as another research outlet at the beginning stages of their purchase decision.

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