More Marketers Flocking to Mobile

  • 14 March 2012

These days, information is passed through more channels than ever before. It used to be the big three: radio, TV, and print. Now, digital marketing has overtaken print to become the second-largest advertising medium based on spend.

2012 seems poised to continue the trend of proliferating digital marketing and advertising – especially in mobile. In a recent survey by ValueClick, 65% of US marketers’ planned on increasing their mobile ad spend for 2012.

The increase is notable, but what’s also significant is that only 3% said they were going to decrease their budget for mobile. I’m not sure who those 3% are, but they need to wake up and smell the mobile.

Another stat from the report is that the lion’s share of mobile ad budgets are going to search and banner ads, with 34% and 30.7% respectively. Also, 49% of marketers plan to use mobile video as part of their budget.

Mobile is emerging as the next large advertising medium, and with more dollars being spent online – both mobile and desktop – than ever before, marketers and business owners need to jump on board and get their feet wet in mobile.

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