One in Five Visits to a Mobile Website Results in a Phone Call

  • 1 March 2012

Mobile users have higher purchase intent than pretty much every other demographic. Want to know how I know that? Well I’ve seen it with our own clients, and now there’s some new numbers to back up my anecdotal evidence.

According to new data from DudaMobile and Google, one out of every five visitors to a mobile-optimized small business website results in an immediate call to that business. This is a huge number, and that number even goes up for some verticals. For example, pizzerias have a 32% click-to-call rate, and transportation has a 44% call rate! Users also clicked through to maps and directions at an average of 3.25% across all categories.

In a new whitepaper, DudaMobile says that small businesses should align their site’s content with the priorities of the mobile user. That means short text, fast load times, big, clear buttons and a call to action.

We’ve seen huge success with several of our clients who use a mobile landing page and mobile search to drive traffic to that page.

If you’re curious about setting up a mobile campaign and a mobile search campaign, contact us today.

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