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Jeff Jobe is co-founder and President of Conversion Logix.

Five SEM PPC Tactics You Should Be Using

Are you getting the most out of your search marketing campaign? It is best to ensure you consider all angles of your campaigns so you can fulfill your goals and objectives. The following tips have proven to be affective because they have consistently deliver great results and have for several years. Will they work for […]

Young Adults Are Not Ignoring Your Promotional Emails

People have claimed that email is dead among America’s younger populations. However, new data has emerged that contradicts this. A new study notes that Millennials (people aged 18-34) prefer email over all other channels for brand communication. Email was more popular than social media, text messages, phone calls, and other sources of information. People of […]

5 Effective Ways to Target Your Audience

Programmatic advertising gives businesses a massive benefit when it comes to finding new customers. Rather than directing advertising efforts on specific websites, you can target the people who are most likely to buy from you. Whether it be young adults, females, or residents of a particular city, this approach helps you find new customers without […]