3 Ideas to Nurture Your Senior Living Leads

  • 9 February 2024
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The unique thing about senior living prospects is that when they start searching for communities online, they are most likely just in the beginning phase of their journey and are not yet ready to move in. This makes lead nurturing very critical because the decision-making process for senior care is often longer and takes more things into consideration. Senior living decisions are significant and emotional, and many seniors and their families have concerns and objections related to the transition to senior living.

Lead nurturing can help maintain engagement and awareness over an extended period, guiding prospects through each stage of their decision-making journey. With consistent communication, marketing teams can build trust, address concerns, provide information, and create a sense of familiarity and comfort to establish strong relationships with potential residents and their families so they know you are the obvious choice when it’s time for them to move through the next phase of the sales funnel.

Here are three lead nurturing ideas that can work wonders in your marketing strategy.

1. Deliver Value-Add Content With An Automated Workflow

“Content is king” is a classic marketing tactic and is still especially true when nurturing your leads.

For content to truly work towards nurturing your leads, however, they should provide value. For senior living prospects, these could be in the form of content designed to educate them on the right care level and to address any concerns and objectives.

For educational content, provide extensive information about the available options, services, amenities, and the overall lifestyle your community offers. Share answers to common questions and valuable resources to help prospects make informed decisions. Good examples of educational content are topics like “how to determine if assisted living or independent living is right for your family” or “how to help an aging parent downsize and move.”

When addressing concerns and objections, create content that helps your senior prospects and their families remove any barrier towards senior living. Two of the most common barriers and how your content can help solve them are:

  • Senior is afraid of losing independence. Create email and social campaigns that emphasize how your community supports and enhances independence. Make your content showcase the variety of activities, services, and amenities that empower residents to maintain their lifestyles while benefiting from the convenience and security provided.
  • Fear of loneliness. Create articles and campaigns accompanied by photos that highlight the vibrant social life within the community, showcasing various activities, events, and communal spaces where residents can connect. Testimonials from residents who initially had similar concerns but found a sense of belonging and friendship within the community will also do great in addressing this barrier.

When you have a wealth of valuable content, couple it with automation so these great content pieces reach the right audience at the right time. Because senior living prospects don’t move down the pipeline as quickly as prospects in other markets, you must have enough content to nurture them until they become sales-qualified leads. Spread out content on a specific period to not overwhelm your leads while you remind them about your community and what it offers.

2. Send Personalized Emails

Email remains one of the most effective arsenals of marketing teams. Regardless of age, email usage remains at roughly 90% average. However, to actually garner engagement with email, you’ll have to go a step further to stand out in the inbox. We recommend personalizing your email content to make sure you’re not just some random email that they read and discard or even click straight to trash. Create customized, visually appealing emails that address your lead by their name and that include calls-to-action that are also personalized based on their lead history. Keep track of where your leads are in the resident journey and ensure they are receiving the right content for where they are in the funnel. 

3. Retarget With Ads Across Multiple Channels

Lead nurturing beyond the inbox is important because you want to reach your future residents and their families in whichever channel they’re in. Because you’re talking to a wide range of audiences, from age groups that are heavy on social media and web hopping to your actual future residents who may be more into watching videos or looking up information online, you need to have a way to nurture them in all channels possible. Remind your leads about your community as they click around the web by setting up retargeting ads on multiple channels: social media (Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn), other websites through Display Retargeting Advertising, and even Connected TV.

Start Nurturing Your Leads Now

Make the most of your lead generation efforts and nurture them to establish brand trust and position your community as their only choice when they’re ready to move in. Contact us for your lead nurturing solutions.

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