5 Tips to Create Effective Paid Search Campaigns

Search Engine Marketing

Every day, more and more consumers use mobile search to find information and make purchases. Since most people are using mobile to search, you need to have an active presence on mobile. Google AdWords makes it easy to execute a paid search campaign to reach mobile users. By setting up an effective mobile paid search campaign you get in front of more prospects, when and where they’re looking for you.

Here are five tips to create an effective campaign:

1.Set Goals: What are your campaign objectives? Do you want to generate more calls? Improve traffic? Increase click-through rates? Setting goals helps you gauge whether or not your campaign is running smoothly. Continually analyze your campaign performance, test, and optimize.

2.Define Your Target Audience: Accurate targeting helps you reach in-market buyers. Knowing about your customers, including their location and device helps you pinpoint which search queries are a good match for your ads. Precise, focused targeting helps drive your ad creative so you can capture interested buyers when they are looking for what you have to offer.

3.Determine Your Keywords: The keywords you choose to target tell Google AdWords which user searches your ads should appear for. It’s important to consider the many different keywords and phrases a mobile searcher uses when looking for information. Choose unique, action-oriented keywords that help users make a decision quickly.

4.Use Ad Extensions: Ad extensions are simple to set up and can have a huge impact on your paid search performance. AdWords independently creates and displays the automated extensions (seller ratings, consumer ratings, social extensions, and previous visits) when it predicts that they’ll improve your ad’s performance. You can manually create new ad extensions that will show beneath your ad, including:

  • Site extension: links to promote additional landing pages or direct customers to more specific page on site
  • Call extension: a click to call button
  • Location extension: address to find nearest storefront
  • Click-to-text extensions: like call extensions, but they provide users a method for sending a direct text to the business.

5.Compel mobile searchers to click with clear calls to action: A focused call-to-action with a few well-chose words is better than long, convoluted paragraphs. Skip the flowery language and opt for clear, direct language that conveys your message in simple terms. One clear call-to-action offers value to the consumer and increases conversions.

Paid search is all about showing the right ads to the right audience. We have the expertise and experience to execute an effective paid search campaign that delivers results. Contact us today.

Time To Target Tablets With Search

Are you targeting tablets with your paid search?

A new study from Marin Software says that tablets accounted for a 7 percent share of the US paid search market in June 2012, up from 5 percent in March.

Along with rising marketshare, tablets also resulted in having a higher CTR than computers, at 3.22% and 2.07%, respectively.

This shows that tablets are a force to be reckoned with in paid search. So are you targeting tablets with your search campaigns?

Since most tablets don’t trigger mobile sites, you need to optimize your traditional website for tablet use. This means making navigation easy, making links and buttons larger, and removing flash video (most tablets and smartphones can’t play flash).

If you are ready to start your paid search campaign, contact us today and we’ll give you a free consultation about what will work best for your needs.

Make Your Google AdWords Campaigns Better With Retargeting

Are you using Google AdWords to drive people to your website? If you are, that’s great. AdWords is a great way for new customers to find you.

But what if they click your ad but leave your website without taking any action? You should use Retargeting to get them back.

Retargeting is a technology that delivers banner ads to your website visitors after they leave. These ads are displayed on sites all across the Internet, from YouTube to CNN.

These repeat ad impressions will give you a second chance to convert your website visitors. Retargeting is a powerful way to follow up with your web traffic that’s simple and effective.

Retargeting will also boost the ROI from your AdWords SEM campaigns. For example, if you are spending $3.00 per click to get someone to go to your website, doesn’t it make sense to deliver them Retargeting ads for only a few cents more per user?

Check out AdsUpNow.com today to read more about Retargeting. We guarantee you’ll see the benefit and increased ROI right away.

Why You Should Do Display Advertising

Targeted display advertising is one of the best ways to market to the largest possible audience for your target demographic.

Display advertising gives you the ability to market to your potential customers no matter where they are in the sales funnel. It can help build awareness as well as build trust and drive purchases.

One of the best things about display advertising is how measurable it is. You can measure how many people have clicked on the ads, and you can also measure how much of a lift you got from your other advertising efforts, such as website traffic, branded search queries, email marketing conversions, etc.

Display advertising can bring significant lift to all your other advertising efforts. In a report from Online Marketing Connect, targeted display advertising can bring a 30% increase in conversion rates from online forms. Additionally, comScore said that display increased lift to an advertiser’s website by 46%.

At AdsUpNow, we offer a variety of display advertising options to help maximize the impressions from every dollar you spend. We continually adjust and optimize your campaign to get the best results. Contact us today for a free marketing consultation.

Marketing Executives Are Continuing to Shift into Digital Marketing

In new research from eMarketer, CMOs predicted that their ad budgets would rise 8.1%. This shows renewed confidence in the economy, and shows a general upward trend since the end of the recession in 2009.

Out of that extra 8.1% of marketing budget, most of it will be spent on digital marketing. In fact, digital marketing spend is expected to increase by 12.8% over the next year. This is the highest change out of all marketing channels, beating traditional ad spending, brand-building, and customer relationship management.

Traditional media spending is expected to drop 0.8% over the same period. This reflects the larger trend of traditional ad spend decreasing, while digital ad spend is increasing.

eMarketer also estimates that digital advertising spending will rise 23.3% this year, while traditional budgets other than TV are going to remain steady.

Now is a great time for small businesses to market themselves online. Digital marketing and advertising channels offer access to a large audience, but offer things traditional marketing channels can’t offer such as targeting and better analytics data.

If you have any questions about digital adverting or marketing, contact us today for a free consultation.

Multitasking Consumers Bring New Challenges

Consumers are using more media than ever before, but their attention is more divided than ever before as well. In a new report from eMarketer, consumers are spending more than 11 hours with media on a daily basis.

Coming in first is TV and video, with 4:34 spent watching at least some kind of video. That’s a huge number, and shows that even in today’s world, traditional TV spend shouldn’t be counted out.

Even more telling than TV is that Internet came in at 2:47 per day. That’s an amazing statistic for a technology that has only been around for a few years. That’s also good news for digital marketing, because Internet usage has been increasing and shows no sign of slowing down.

The flipside to this increased time spent consuming content means that more of that time is spent multitasking through different forms of media, so there’s less dedicated time spent interacting with one form of media.

This is especially apparent with people watching TV. More than 16% of respondents said they visit the websites of companies’ ads they see, and 19% of tablet and smartphone users said they searched for information on commercials they see as well. This shows the importance of having an integrated marketing campaign, because people don’t just watch TV or go online anymore, they do them all at once.

An easy way to integrate your campaigns is Retargeting. By referencing a special or discount in your radio and TV ads for online shoppers, you can drive more traffic to your website. Then, after people visit your website, you can target them with display advertising, increasing the chance of them returning and converting.

Contact us today to find out how to reach more Internet users with Retargeting.

Social Display Spending To Increase in 2012

More and more people are going on social networks. In fact, Facebook wins one in every five page views, and accounts for nine percent of all visits online.

Those are huge numbers, and the steadily increasing amount of people on Facebook, means more advertising dollars will be spent on the social-networking site in 2012.

According to eMarketer, 59% of marketers are planning on increasing social media advertising in 2012, compared to 31% planning on increasing on ad networks and exchanges.

eMarketer also estimates that US online display advertising will grow an astonishing 24.1% this year to $15.4 billion.

This is good news for small businesses everywhere. Social network advertising and display targeting can be narrowed down to pinpoint only those people who might be interested in your product or service.

The Internet gives you the ability to appear larger than you are, and give you advertising scale you might otherwise not be able to afford.

Contact us today and we can help get you on the path to marketing success.

Digital and Mobile Ad Budgets Rising

In a recent survey from research company Warc, digital and mobile ad budgets are growing, while TV, radio and press budgets are shrinking.

The budget sentiments are based on a system of 0-100, where anything over 50 is generally improving, and below 50 is generally declining.

Digital and mobile received scores of 78.9 and 71.2, respectively. TV received a score of 48.8, Radio a score of 42.1 and Press a score of 36.1.

Now is a great time to be spending more on digital and mobile. More and more people are accessing the Internet from desktops and mobile devices, and those numbers are only going to grow.

Contact us today if you want to get your digital advertising efforts of the ground.

Turn Your Clicks Into Customers

Every time you get a website hit, that’s a potential lead. Aside from the people who accidentally click on your site, all your visitors are at least somewhat interested in your products or services.

So why do you get so much website traffic and so few leads? Because shoppers today go to Google and compare everything about your business with your competitor’s at the click of a button. That means you only have a few seconds to sway them in your direction, or just hope your website was memorable enough that they’ll re-visit it.

We’ve already written some posts on retargeting, but here’s a quick recap: First the user visits your website, and your website places a cookie in their browser. Next, they leave without converting. Then, the cookie in their browser tells the websites they visit to display your ad. Finally, they see the ads, are reminded of your website, and come back and make a purchase.

So what’s so great about retargeting? Well it follows-up with your prospects automatically. As they surf the Internet, your ads appear and remind them of your services. Also, to increase conversions, you can even promote a special deal for people who click on your ad.

As a full-service ad agency in Seattle, we have a retargeting program that delivers return traffic to your website, guaranteed.

Retargeting allows you to cater to website visitors no matter how far into the buying cycle they are. Whether they’re just doing preliminary research, or almost ready to make a purchase, retargeting works in the same way: it reminds them of you.

Let your web traffic bring you results. More than 98% of your website visitors leave and never come back – give them a reason to.

3 Ways to Increase Sales on Valentine’s Day

So Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, which means millions of couples around the U.S. will be purchasing traditional Valentine’s Day things such as flowers, jewelry, candy, and clothes. So how can you use this to your advantage? The answer is with digital marketing and advertising.

Even if you don’t sell any of the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, use this holiday as a chance to offer a special promotion, and perhaps even persuade your customers that a new car or hot tub is a better alternative to blowing money on an expensive dinner and diamond bracelet. Sending these kinds of updates through email gives you an easy way to tell all your customers that you’re offering a special.

Follow these three tips to make your Valentine’s email blast successful.

1. Target men

Segment your email list to your male customers. The reason you do this is simple: men spend more than twice as much as women on Valentine’s Day. That means you need to use language targeted to males. Stress the importance of coming up with a gift for their special someone, and highlight the idea of giving a unique gift, depending on what it is that you’re selling.

2. Timing is everything

Depending on how much your product costs, you might want to send the email out a couple of weeks in advance. If your product is a little cheaper, a few days before – or even on – Valentine’s Day will work because it will be fresh in their mind about buying a gift for their significant other.

3. Promote it via social channels

Social Media is a great way to promote your Valentine’s Day offer. Provided that you have a fair amount of followers, sending out timely updates leading up to Valentine’s Day can give your fans and followers a reason to check out your store.

There you have it. Follow these three tips, and you could capitalize on thousands of local Valentine’s Day shoppers. For more tips on local marketing and advertising, check out the rest of our blog or go to our website.