Boeing Classic Campaign Part Two: Pixel Targeting

The second part of the campaign was a Pixel Targeting campaign. Pixel Targeting is a unique product that we developed to find appropriate customers based on their purchase history, search intent, search history and more. For Boeing Classic, the Pixel Targeting campaign was aimed at Washington State golf enthusiasts. This allowed Boeing Classic to reach out to people who might not have heard about their website, but would be interested in attending the tournament.

The Pixel Targeting campaign used the same creative as the Site Retargeting campaign, and the eye-popping design grabbed the attention of golf enthusiasts as they browsed their favorite websites. This part of the campaign was focused on high-volume ad inventory and succeeded in reaching thousands of people in Boeing Classic’s target demographic.

Overall campaign stats were just as impressive as Retargeting: 301,051 impressions, 527 clicks and a CTR of .18%

Search Retargeting: Filling The Gaps In Your Marketing Strategy

It can be intimidating to try and figure out where to spend your money on digital advertising. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to find what’s really necessary.

A good place to start is with paid search advertising. We call it search targeting, and it gets your business listed at the top of the search results for everything relevant to your company. This is important because the Internet may be the first place your customers ever hear about you.

A second way to advertise is by using Site Retargeting. Every time you get a website hit, that’s a potential lead. Aside from the people who accidentally click on your site, all of your visitors are at least somewhat interested in your products or services. The sad truth is that 98% of your website visitors leave without taking any action.

Site Retargeting remedies this by delivering ad impressions to people after they leave your website. This allows you to effectively follow-up with every single person who visits your website.

So what happens if someone searches for you, sees your ad, but doesn’t click your links? The answer is Search Retargeting.

Search Retargeting works by focusing on people who conduct searches for things related to your business, products or services. That way, even if they don’t click on your link, you can still advertise to them.

Every search represents someone trying to solve a problem. They might be looking for a new car, a pizza shop or the best way to tie a tie. Most of the time, consumers will research something without a specific business in mind. By focusing on their search intent, you can reach out to them as they research.

This helps fill in the gaps left by your SEO and paid search efforts by advertising to people who intend to buy what you have to sell.

These three tactics give you the ability to target your advertising to the right person at the right time. First, Search Engine Marketing lets people with purchase intent find your website. Next, if they visit your site and don’t take an action, Site Retargeting will advertise to them, keeping your business top of mind. Finally, if they search for a business, product or service like you, Search Retargeting will allow you to advertise to them regardless if they visited your website or not.

Don’t waste your money on advertising products that don’t work and can’t be easily measured. Instead, deliver your message to a targeted prospect rather than an ambiguous group.

Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about Search Retargeting and other forms of digital advertising.


Napolean Hill Said it like this:

The moment you commit and quit holding back, all sorts of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance will rise up to help you. The simple act of commitment is a powerful magnet for help.

He couldn’t be more right.  There are a lot of doors that could open for you. All you need to do is commit and make sure that you are there when the door does open.

Internet marketing is a door that has opened for  many businesses. It can open for you as well. You need to choose a company that will to serve your interests.  Then let that company go to work for you and make it happen.

ROI on Advertising

Photo credit: Belltown Messenger

Here is an interesting video blog post from a wine salesman. It has quite few ads in it. This video was recorded in October of 2008 – The Seattle PI died today. How many other types of media will crash and burn while small business tries to figure out how to advertise on the Internet. Watch this then call me and let’s develop a plan for you.

You Down With ROI?…Yeah You Know Me