Mobile Will Make Up 15% of Total Ad Spend In 2016

Think mobile isn’t important? Well, most of your competitors do. A new research report by Swedish analyst firm Berg Insight predicts that mobile ad spending will grow 37 percent annually over the next four years.

In 2010, mobile ad spend was just $3.4 billion worldwide, but Berg is estimating it to increase to $22.4 billion by 2016.

Berg Telecom Analyst Rickard Andersson said that our rapid smartphone adoption is a “game-changer,” and accredited the increase of mobile ad spend to major brands’ willingness to incorporate mobile into their campaigns.

“Brands are now progressively embracing the mobile channel, including the entire range of apps from games and entertainment to utility applications. Also, mobile web advertising and opt-in SMS campaigns are popular,” he said.

Everyone is Fighting Over Mobile

Andersson also predicted that location-based advertising will gain ground over the next few years, offering up marketing messages that are “hyper-relevant” to the user in both time and place.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, however. Berg says the market hasn’t matured yet, and many big companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Amazon are vying for mobile users’ attention.

With more people using smartphones – and with mobile ad spend increasing – don’t you think it’s time you evaluated your mobile strategy? The battle for market share among the tech giants shows how important mobile is becoming.

It’s not too late, as mobile is still young, but you need to think about all the customers you’re missing out on. Google reported that more than half of all local searches have local intent, meaning that your customers are using mobile to search for you.

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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Campaign

Smartphone adoption has been exploding in the last few years. This represents a huge opportunity for your business.  Mobile campaigns can give you a great return on your investment. Read below for the top seven reasons why you need to be using mobile as part of your local digital advertising strategy.

1.    It’s Getting Bigger
Smartphone ownership has more than doubled in the last two years. More than 44% of mobile subscribers now own smartphones, and mobile search has grown 400 percent in the last year, representing one in every seven searches. Google received 11.9 billion search queries in October 2011, meaning almost 1.7 billion searches were mobile in October alone.

2.    Search Drives Mobile
Instead of pulling out the Yellow Pages to find what they need, consumers use search engines. For smartphone users, search is even more important: they access search more than social networks on their phones.

3.    Mobile Means Local

Mobile Users Have Local Intent

More than half of all mobile searches have local intent. This means when someone pulls out a smartphone to search on the go, they’re looking for places nearby. You need to show up when they need you, or you stand to lose a lot of potential business.

4.    Mobile Users Take Action
Mobile searchers have higher purchase intent than desktop searchers do. After searching for something online, 89 percent of mobile searchers take action within a day – 36 percent of those take action immediately. This means that a mobile searcher is almost a guaranteed lead.

5.    Consumers Shop With Their Phones

Mobile users don’t just search – they buy. 74% of smartphone owners have made a purchase as a result of using their smartphone, and 76% of those purchases were made in-store.

6.    It’s Still Early

Mobile Will Overtake Desktop

In two years, the number of mobile Internet users will overtake the number of desktop users. Despite this, 72% of mobile large online advertisers don’t have a mobile-optimized site. Get started today, and be part of the mobile revolution.

7.    It’s easy!
With the help of AdsUpNow, you can capture new business and let mobile users find you. We create well-rounded campaigns that include mobile landing pages, mobile search advertising, call tracking and mobile couponing.

Wondering where we got these stats? They came from Google’s video about mobile advertising.

As you can see, mobile is growing – fast. Even though it may seem daunting, getting started with mobile advertising or mobile landing pages is easier than ever. Fill out the form on our website or call today to find out more.

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