Top 5 Reasons An SMS Campaign Can Help Your Business

So you’ve seen SMS campaigns around, but never thought that they worked or figured they were too much trouble to implement. Well, I’m here to give you five reasons why an SMS campaign could work in the digital marketing strategy for your business.

1. You get access to everyone.
Not everyone has a smartphone, but basically everyone has a cell phone. SMS campaigns work no matter what kind of phone the person has.

2. You can monetize interactions through texting.
You can promote your texting program by telling people to text a has keyword to your number to get a coupon for whatever you want to promote. By offering an incentive for them to sign up, you can start building a mobile following.

3. Drive more sales.
You have the ability to reach all your mobile customers with a few clicks. You can send out a message when business is slow, or just offer deals to your mobile subscribers whenever you want to make a sale.

4. Reach consumers who might otherwise slip through the cracks.
When someone buys something at your store, they remain pretty anonymous. Unless you write down their information, they might leave and never come back. With an SMS campaign, you can remarket to them by offering them special deals for being an existing customer.

5. Acquire customers who don’t know you existed.
By promoting your texting campaign on your existing advertising, you bring something unique about your business to the table. By telling TV watchers or radio listeners to text you for exclusive deals, you can bring people to your business who wouldn’t have otherwise heard of you before.

These reasons only touch the iceberg of why an SMS campaign is good for your business. Being able to communicate with your customers at any time is a great business advantage.

Infographic on the importance of SMS messaging

So we’ve already explained to you the importance of doing a Text Campaign for your business, but texting has a broader reach than use in mobile marketing. As the number one data service in the world, it is helping developing countries buy and sell things easier and safer.

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What is an SMS Campaign and Why Do I Want One?

What is an SMS Campaign?

I’m glad you asked. An SMS campaign is a form of marketing that allows you to interact with your customers via text. It’s similar to an email campaign, but is faster and easier to create since it requires no creative other than an initial campaign to get your customers’ numbers, and your 160 character message.

What happens is this:

  1. We set up your SMS shortcode and keyword. For example, if you owned a pizza place it might be PIZZA at 96000. This is basically your business’ texting phone number. That way, if your customer texts PIZZA to 96000, they’ll be included in your texting database, and be eligible for future promotions.
  2. We create a campaign to get your customers to sign up for text alerts. We might say “Text PIZZA to 96000 and receive exclusive discounts!” This way, you can use your existing advertising to market your SMS campaign, increasing the number of sign-ups.
  3. We send out updates. We’ll manage your entire customer base and send out the message for you. All you have to do is think of the promotion you want to do.

Why do I want one?

Someone probably told you 15 years ago that you need to be collecting email addresses of your customers so you can communicate with your client base. You might not have listened. Now, I’m here to tell you that getting your customer’s phone numbers is arguably more important than getting email addresses.

SMS campaigns have extremely high open and opt-in rates, and help you reach a broad customers base. Not everyone has a smartphone, but virtually everyone has a phone with texting capabilities.

SMS campaign opt-in numbers

Also, SMS Messages have a 95 percent open rate, compared to just 11 percent for email marketing messages. This means you can be sure your message doesn’t get lost or ignored.

Our phone is the most intimate form of technology we have. It’s always with us, allowing you to offer the right deal to the right person at the right time. SMS campaigns are an easy way to increase communication and develop a strategy to reach more customers than you ever have before.

Still not convinced? Check out our posts here and here for more stats about the importance and relevance of doing an SMS campaign.

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