Using Emotion to Increase Website Conversions

  • 5 April 2018

Creating an emotional connection with your visitors and creating a strong feeling of want or need can be a powerful tool. People first decide based on their emotions and then consider logical factors that confirm their decision. Here are five ways you can tap into emotion to drive conversions on your site.

Reinforce Feelings of Confidence 

Website visitors dislike complicated web pages as soon as they see them. A complex website influences a person’s perceived confidence in their ability to make an educated decision in a negative way. The more assured your visitors are that they can accomplish a task on your site with ease, the more likely they are to follow through with that action. Design an easy to navigate site that builds a visitors confidence.

Generate Positive Feelings

Positive behaviors can be reinforced and encouraged with rewards or incentives. When people are rewarded, it activates pleasure centers in the brain. Try giving away some concessions or discounts that can instantly incentivize the consumer to follow through with their action. The initial appeal to buy will be roused by the concession, and the savings from the discount acts as the reward for the desired behavior.

Meeting Visitors’ Needs

Offering a product or service of interest is only half the battle as you attempt to connect with consumers. Create messages that convince visitors that you understand what drives them and you know how to improve their lives. To bond with visitors at a deeper level, learn their initial motivation.

Recognizing Changing Needs

People change over time in response to changes in their lives. By knowing which stage of purchasing your target customers are in, you gain insight into their interests and perspectives, allowing you to personalize web experiences and create more enticing offers to resonate with your target market.

Conditions of Attachment

Companies that have managed to build an extremely loyal customer base develop the conditions for attachment: consistency, responsiveness, and trustworthiness. To establish an emotional connection with your visitors, you must earn their trust, ensure that you are helping to fulfill an important need and provide stress-free, enjoyable experiences.

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