CLarity Reporting

Uncover the Leasing Journey with Powerful Insights

CLarity Reporting
lead to lease tracking

Tracking Leads, Tours, and Leases

Reporting should tell you more than clicks and impressions.

The Conversion Cloud tools track data for each conversion. This data shows the journey each lead takes, uncovers the leads who went on to lease, and tracks which marketing channels drive the most leads and leases at your communities.

Now your team has the power to assign accurate ROI and make the most informed decisions.

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Reporting That
Works For You

CLarity, MatchBack, Lease Journey Visualizer, and Insite provide a more complete picture of your marketing performance. Uncover the marketing strategies that drive results at your communities, from first impression to lease.

CLarity Reporting
CLarity Reporting

CLarity - Track Performance

Track which digital strategies produce the most leads and tours for your community. See how each marketing channel and conversion tool stack up against each other.

MatchBack - See Your Leases

Match a list of residents against your Conversion Cloud leads. See exactly how many leases your marketing strategies deliver each month.

CLarity Reporting
CLarity Reporting

Lease Journey Visualizer - See the Journey

Uncover the digital journey of each lead who converts on your website. From first website visit to lease, you can see every step your leads take during their apartment search.

InSite - Fill the Gaps

See a complete picture of your campaign performance. Pull in data from contact form submissions to attribute more leads and leases.

CLarity Reporting

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