Captivating Apartment Photo Ideas

  • 14 December 2023
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The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” has become more relevant in this age of online property hunting, where you’re no longer just competing with similar listings but also with a million other things on the Internet. In a crowded rental market, creating captivating apartment photos can be one of your strongest weapons to stop the scroll.

In this blog post, we’ll explore attention-grabbing apartment photo ideas that will compel your audience to envision life within the walls of your communities.

From strategic angles that highlight the unique features of each space to telling a story about lifestyle and convenience, this article is a comprehensive toolkit for savvy property managers and marketers ready to master the art of apartment photography.

Use Natural Lighting but Also Shoot at Different Times of the Day

apartment exterior

Natural lighting is not only more cost-efficient, it captures the property with more clarity and depth. The Golden Hour after sunrise and before sunset is one of the best times to take exterior photos because it gives you the clarity of daylight with the softness and romanticism of a warm, waning sun. The Golden Hour may also be great for interior shots: cast from the windows, light from the setting sun creates mystic photo listings. But you’ll also need more versatile shots to choose from, so it’s good to switch things up and take photos of the property at different times of the day.

Here are some creative ways different times of day may be leveraged to create captivating apartment photos:

  • Use daylight to highlight how the apartment looks with natural lighting. As daytime casts fewer shadows, it lets you showcase the house’s spaciousness.
  • Natural twilight creates beautiful ambiance shots and is especially great for illuminating windows and landscapes of the property.

Take lots of ambiance shots of different parts of the house, playing with sunrise, midday, or sunset lighting to highlight specific features that may appeal emotionally to potential buyers.

Experiment and Take Photos of Rooms From Multiple Angles

apartment angles

Much like shooting during different times of day, shooting from different angles will give you a range of shots to choose from. These two types of shots are the most popular among real estate photographers: (1) corner shots that present a room from the corner (usually at a 45-degree angle) to show an idea of how much space the room has and (2) straight-on shots that frame the entirety of a room from the front, ideal for showcasing staged rooms, stairways, and other unique installments. These are still great to use; however, to stand out from other listings, it is important to be creative: try rotating perspectives, crouching on the floor, or stepping up on a ladder to get unique shots from multiple angles.

Take Advantage of Reflections to Capture the Property’s Unique Selling Points

living mirror

An apartment’s unique features — such as that vintage fireplace or those custom room installments — may get lost in usual listing photos. Give them the attention they deserve by surfacing them on mirrors’ reflections. This produces a creative, unexpected element that adds depth and dimension to the image. Mirror reflections are also great in emphasizing architectural features and the room’s functionality.

When utilizing this tip, be mindful of unwanted reflections. Double-even triple-check that final photos don’t have sneak peeks of the photographer or even unpleasant corners.

Highlight the Neighborhood


Location is one of the most important factors renters consider when searching for an apartment. When conveying this with photography, the best photographers go beyond a curbside photo to capture the full value of an area. These days, apartment marketers need to remember that they are not just selling a real estate property; they are also selling a way of life that includes the neighborhood the property is surrounded by. This means including snapshots of nearby parks, cafes, landmarks, and maybe even schools or shopping centers. The goal is to give future residents an idea of what it’s like to live within that neighborhood while providing them with a window into a future lifestyle they can fall in love with.


Remember that while the Internet has made it easier for prospects and leads to find your listing, it has also made it easier for them to get distracted by all other things available online. Posting listings that are accompanied by unique and captivating photos ensures that you are able to rise above all the distractions and get potential buyers to engage with you.

Once you’ve captured the perfect apartment photos, you’ll need a strategy to get these eye-catching images in front of your ideal audience.

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