Conversion Logix Introduces New AI Chat Service

  • 8 January 2024
Say Hello to Claire AI+

Getting answers from a chat service shouldn’t be a frustrating experience, but all too often, it is. Prospects frequently encounter chatbots that offer only generic responses, leaving them dissatisfied and without a clear next step. These prospects often fall out of the funnel as busy multifamily and senior living onsite teams are unable to deliver the immediate response prospects expect. 

Today, we proudly announce the launch of Claire AI+, our innovative AI-powered chat experience, coupled with significant upgrades to our managed Live Chat service. This integration marks a new era in chat solutions, offering the most seamless and efficient chat experience in the multifamily and senior living industry.

Meet Claire AI+

Claire AI+ is a sophisticated AI-powered website application designed to answer frequently asked questions about your community, respond to personalized inquiries, and encourage website visitors to engage in lead-generating actions during a chat conversation. Our cutting-edge conversational AI technology is trained on your unique property information and combined with insights from thousands of real-life, industry-specific conversations to deliver timely and relevant responses.

How Claire AI+ Transforms the Experience for Marketers and Property Managers

Delivers Personalized AI Responses: The stakes for lead response times are higher than ever before. Research from McKinsey revealed that 75% of customers expect help within five minutes or less. Claire AI+ is trained to answer freeform property-related questions with immediate, AI-driven responses. Now you can meet the demands of your prospects’ specific questions about floorplan availability “Do you have one bedrooms available?”, price “How much is a one bedroom?”, or amenities, “Do you have in-unit washers and dryers?”, faster than ever before.

Lessens the Burden of Onsite Teams: 55% of multifamily marketing leaders find following up with leads to be the most time-consuming part of their job. Claire AI+ provides instant, relevant responses day or night to common queries, saving busy property marketing teams hours of repetitive tasks a day. 

Integrates with Human Agents: Uniquely designed to switch seamlessly between AI and real human agents, Claire AI+ ensures prospects remain engaged, preventing them from falling out of the funnel.

Automates Lead Conversion: Integrated within The Conversion Cloud® platform, Claire AI+ prompts prospects to take actions like scheduling an appointment in Schedule Genie® or claiming a promotion in SpotlightTM, increasing lead collection and engagement.

Uncover Actionable Insights: Gain insights into commonly requested information through real-time Clarity attribution reports, uncovering valuable knowledge to make data-driven decisions.

Enhancing Our Live Chat Service

Conversion Logix’s managed human chat service, Live Chat, which can be purchased individually or with a Conversion Cloud subscription, seamlessly integrates with Claire AI+. Renowned for an impressive 70% chat-to-lead conversion rate, our Live Chat service is the perfect solution for management companies that seek to implement AI with a human in the loop. Our trained professionals, acting as an extension of your onsite team, now have access to prospects’ past conversations with Claire AI+, enabling a more informed, continuous, and personalized customer experience.

Why Claire AI+ Outperforms the Competition

In today’s market, the need for integrated solutions is more crucial now than ever. Claire AI+ and Live Chat are not just add-ons; they are integral parts of a comprehensive lead management ecosystem, The Conversion Cloud.

The Conversion Cloud® Integration

The Conversion Cloud offers a powerful combination of lead management and nurturing, real-time attribution reporting, and compatibility with industry-leading CRMs. This means no more juggling between multiple tools or missing out on valuable prospects.

Prospective residents will be guided on a continuous lead nurturing journey designed to keep your community top-of-mind from the first interaction to the final lease.

Level Up Your Chat Experience With Claire AI+

Don’t let your chat service be a point of frustration for your prospects. Reach out to your Conversion Logix account manager to enable Claire AI+ as part of your Conversion Cloud subscription. New to Conversion Logix? Schedule a call with us today, and let’s revolutionize your chat experience!

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