Know Your Next Resident: Five Trends Shaping the Future of Senior Living

  • 28 June 2024
Know Your Next Resident: Five Trends Shaping the Future of Senior Living

In the ever-evolving landscape of senior living, understanding the questions and concerns of prospective residents and their families is crucial for providing exceptional service and support.

As the senior living buying journey continues to shift online, care providers can learn a lot about residents’ needs and concerns by analyzing conversations that take place within the homes of senior living prospects and their families. 

As a leading senior living Live Chat service provider, our team of live chat professionals fields questions every day on behalf of busy senior living teams. Spearheading the operation is our Contact Center Operations Director, Tim Bryan.

With over a decade of experience managing chat operations in this vertical, Tim shares his insights into how chat conversations have evolved in the past year and what senior living operators can take away from these findings.

1. Furnished vs. Non-Furnished

Furnished vs. Non-Furnished

One trend we’ve noticed is the rise in interest in furnished housing. We’ve seen more questions come in from all different care levels asking about furnished housing options. Seniors have said they don’t want to go through the hassle of paring down everything they own and then moving what’s left. Essentially, prospects want to bring their clothes and some personal items to make the space “theirs” but want to leave the couches, beds, dressers, etc, at home or sell it all before they move.

2. Age Ranges Skewing Younger

Age Ranges Skewing Younger

We’ve had a pretty sizable increase in the number of people asking whether or not they would meet the age requirement and whether the community would make an exception for them. Retirement and senior community living isn’t what it once was, and the word is getting out to older adults and seniors. Communities with cocktail lounges, loads of activities, social hours, etc., are helping to change the perception of what senior living is and can be. Prospects are interested in more resort/vacation-style amenities where they can move to enjoy retirement and celebrate it, rather than simply just an apartment with a knitters club, canasta, and mediocre food.

3. Prospects Looking for Deals & Concessions

Prospects Looking For Deals & Concessions

In this digital age, we’re seeing more seniors who know how to use technology to their advantage. Finding a community that offers what you need at a price you can afford and in the area you want is the new normal. The days of limiting your search to the five senior living providers closest to where you or your family live, comparing prices, and making a decision are long gone. We have prospects chatting in who are looking to make cross-country moves because they want “the right place,” not just any place. Shopping around to find the best deals, looking at concessions & special offers for a new lease, and moving to less expensive neighborhoods or suburbs are all things we’ve come across in 2024.

4. Searching for Smart Home Features

Searching for Smart Home Features

We’ve seen more prospects asking about smart home features and an overall concern about interconnectedness. With everyone you know having a smartphone, a smartwatch, a tablet, a smart TV, or a smart personal assistant (Alexa, Siri, Google) and having technology incorporated into every aspect of our lives, we’re starting to see more questions about what smart features are available at the community. “I’ve got used to using my smart thermostat and being able to control the temperature from my phone. Does your community have something like that?” asked one website visitor. Now that smart features have become mainstream, they’re becoming more and more expected as amenities for residents looking to keep up with their already technologically advanced lives.

5. Questions About Younger People Living With Them

Questions about Younger People Living With Them

Last, we’ve seen more seniors asking about multi-generational options. Whether it’s having a son or daughter come to live with them full-time or having a grandchild come stay with them for Spring Break or Summer vacation, this question is starting to pop up more than we’ve ever seen before. Questions about guest suites, the length of time someone could come to stay with them, or if it’s possible to have another family member reside with them for a month or two have all come up. Family is a top priority for most people, so it’s no wonder seniors are asking questions about whether they should remain at home where they can have visitors whenever they want for as long as they want, or move to a community with a “two-night maximum stay” that could leave them feeling isolated.

Embracing the Future: Key Trends Shaping Senior Living in 2024

Remaining attuned to the evolving trends and concerns of senior living prospects is essential for providing the high level of service and support that today’s seniors expect. As we have seen, the landscape is shifting with increased interest in furnished housing, younger age demographics, savvy tech users seeking smart home features, budget-conscious shoppers, and a desire for multi-generational living options. These trends highlight the need for senior living communities to continue to adapt their service offerings and marketing messages to resonate with what today’s senior living prospects are looking for.

Conversion Logix remains at the forefront of these changes, leveraging the insights gained from years of daily live chat interactions to better understand and respond to the needs of prospective residents and their families. We are committed to enhancing the senior living experience through personalized, timely, and informative support.

Embracing these trends will not only help providers meet current demands but also set a new standard for senior living. By listening to and understanding prospects’ unique preferences and expectations, senior care providers can create environments where seniors can thrive, enjoy their retirement, and feel truly at home.

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