Chat Outcome Definitions

Answered - No Reply

Someone chats with our Live Chat team and either fills out the form with fake/bad information, and then leaves the chat before saying anything to the Agent.

Job Inquiry

Someone chats with our Live Chat team and lets the Agent know they are interested in or already have applied for a job with the community or management company.


Someone chats with our Live Chat team and is NOT a hot lead that should be followed up on. Support and General Inquiry are very close to being the same thing, but a Support chat is for a current resident, a vendor selling services, or otherwise someone who is not in the market to rent/buy what the client offers.


Chats generated from the Conversion Logix Team doing tests for one reason or another, the community or management company testing out our chat, or someone who does business with us testing the service.


These are conversations that were generated and transferred from Claire AI+ (AKA our CLX ChatBot)

General Inquiry

A General Inquiry is someone who fills out the pre-chat form with information that the client is not able to follow up on while expressing interest in renting/buying what the client offers.

Hot Lead

Someone who chats with one of our Live Chat Agents and provides their first and last name, phone number, and email address while expressing interest in what our client has to offer. These are people who the client can follow up with to create a sale/move-in.

Visit Booked

This is the same as a Hot Lead, but during the conversation, the visitor mentions they would like to schedule a tour. The Agent can use a scheduler on the site or schedule a tour using the information we were initially provided in the Live Chat questionnaire.