Google Analytics 4 Definitions

User Engagement

The amount of time someone spends with your web page in focus or app screen in the
foreground, which allows you to measure when users actively use your site or app.

An engaged user must partake in one of the following:

  • Active on the website for at least 10 seconds
  • Fires a conversion
  • Fires 2 or more screen or page view events

If a user does any of the above actions, they are considered an engaged user

User Engagement Examples:

  • A user slowly scrolling for 10 seconds indicating they are reading content
  • Visiting the floor plans page from the home page & looking at an apartment layout would trigger an engaged user
  • Contacts forms, calls, directions, emails, etc all are considered Conversions (Goals) which also constitute user engagement

Engagement Rate

The percentage of engaged sessions on your website or mobile app.

Current benchmarks:

  • Rates above 63% are good
  • Rates below 41% are considered concerning

Engagement Time

A more reliable version of time on site that helps reduce outliers by providing an actual amount of time that people spend engaging with the website.

How is it calculated?

  • Actual time someone spends in the foreground of the website
  • Slowly scrolling indicates reading and would count towards time
  • Moving from page to page scanning for different information
  • Interacting with virtual tour videos

Current benchmark:
Averages hover around 46 seconds

Engaged sessions per User

How many times a user with the same user ID returns to the website and has an engaged session.

Engaged Sessions

A session that lasts longer than 10 seconds, has a conversion event, or has at least 2 pageviews or screen views.


the Users metric shows the total number of unique users that engaged with your website or app. Understanding this metric provides you with insight into how the users are interacting with your website.

New Users

The New users metric in GA4 is the total number of users who are visiting your website or app for the first time.


A session is a period during which a user was engaged on your website or app. This GA4 metric displays the total number of sessions that started on your website or app.

In Universal Analytics, a new session was initiated for the same user if it was midnight. But in GA4 the same session continues for the next day, without starting a new one. This gives an accurate number of visitors landing on your webpage.

Unlike Universal Analytics, if the same user visits your webpage from another traffic source, GA does not initiate a new session but considers it as part of the same session. This is a major GA4 metric as it assists you in measuring the traffic created by your website.

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