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Fast Column Matching Tool

April 6, 2017

I made this tool because I needed to rapidly compare different sets of data to see how they matched up, and I kept getting frustrated with the flexibility of Excel and Google Sheets. Don’t get me wrong; Excel and Google Sheets are awesome and if you ever question the power of VLOOKUPS and Array Formulaes in front of me I am likely to get offended. However, for quickly generating lists of matches, duplicates, differences, and uniques, nothing quite beats the speed of a simple HTML + Javascript tool.

Sample Inputs:

If you want to see sample inputs to see how this works, click here.

How to use:

  • Simply paste line-break separated data into both side of the page to compare against each other. If you are just checking for duplicates vs uniques (differences), you only have to fill in one side.
    • Stats are instantly generated below, in the black boxes
  • “Export Matched Values” : This will prompt you to download a CSV, which contains values that appeared in BOTH sets of data (e.g. “matches”)
  • Export Unmatched Values“: this will prompt you to download a CSV, which contains values from each side that only appeared in set
    • E.g. If the left side contains “a” and “b”, and the right side contains “a” and “c” the report would look like this:
Unmatched Left Values Unmatched Right Values
b c
  • Save Inputs” : This will update the URL in your address bar to a shareable version. You can bookmark it or share it with others so they can see the same data you entered.

Great Uses:

  • Conversion estimates:
    • Compare a list of customer IDs that you sent an email promo to with a list of customer IDs with a recent transaction
  • Tracking inventory
    • Compare inventory on date A with inventory on date B.
  • Email List Size Estimates
    • Quickly check how many duplicates are in an email list
  • … and many more!
Left Input
Total Values:
Unique Values:
Right Input
Total Values:
Unique Values:
This is where results will appear...

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