Embracing Hybrid Intelligence: The Role of Human Expertise in an AI World

  • 8 August 2023

Marketers can’t stop talking about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is shaking up the industry. With the widespread adoption of ChatGPT and the race for organizations to showcase their use of AI in daily operations, it’s quickly become a topic of both excitement and concern. As we enter this new phase of marketing, you’re probably wondering what AI means for the future of marketing and what role human intelligence plays in the age of machine-led marketing

At Conversion Logix, we firmly believe the true potential for marketing excellence lies in Hybrid Intelligence, which combines the power of AI to streamline processes and scale marketing tasks with the invaluable knowledge and guidance of human expertise.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this blog: 

  • So what exactly is Hybrid Intelligence?
  • How We Use Hybrid Intelligence for Ad Optimization
  • Leveraging AI in Analytics To Make Better Decisions 
  • Why We’re Bullish on Hybrid Intelligence

Let’s dive into why Hybrid Intelligence is key to the future of marketing and how it can be applied in the housing industry.

So what exactly is Hybrid Intelligence?

It’s the intersection between the skills of AI and the skills of humans. Two forms of intelligence come together to form Hybrid Intelligence

Human-Augmented AI: When AI improves its capabilities based on human interaction, data observing humans, and human-guided decision-making. 

Augmented Human Intelligence: The enhancement of a human’s ability to reach conclusions or execute tasks due to the added processing ability and insights of AI.

Hybrid intelligence is based on the idea that humans have a unique and difficult-to-program form of intelligence known as tacit knowledge. Tacit knowledge represents the social, emotional, and contextual intelligence we possess that is difficult to define and teach others. While machines lack this form of knowledge, they excel over humans in activities like calculations, predictions, scaling, and rapid execution. 

hybrid intelligence venn diagram with a human finger touching a robot finger to represent human intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI) coming together and combining in the middle to make human-augmented AI and augmented human intelligence

Let’s take a look at a couple of real-world examples:

  1. Content Recommendation Engines (Human-Augmented AI)

Human marketers play a critical role in curating and optimizing the initial content that trains the AI model, ensuring the AI accurately understands the brand’s voice, products, and target audience. Over time, the AI system continuously learns from user interactions and improves its recommendations based on human-curated data, resulting in more precise and relevant suggestions.

  1. Predictive Analytics (Augmented Human Intelligence)

Marketers are leveraging AI algorithms to analyze large datasets and predict customer behavior, campaign performance, and market trends. With this augmented intelligence, marketers can make data-informed choices, allocate resources more effectively, and optimize their marketing strategies.

Understanding the differences between human and AI intelligence is critical to identifying the tasks best suited for humans and those best suited for machines. By acknowledging our unique skills and how they can work together, we can position ourselves to create the best possible collaboration between humans and machines in our organizations.

How We Use Hybrid Intelligence for Ad Optimization

Conversion Logix has always been at the forefront of ad technology in the multifamily and senior living industries. For years, we’ve utilized AI and machine learning to optimize campaigns for lead quality and implement ad updates with speed and precision.

As a Google Premier Partner, we’re one of the first agencies in the industry to receive Beta access to new tools and work closely with Google advisors to leverage new AI services in the Google Ads platform. We’ve implemented a range of strategies over the years, from Responsive Ads, Automated Bidding, and Automated Keyword Optimization. While these tools have been incredibly useful, all of these features have required some form of human ideation and optimization to be successful. 

Part of the magic of human-driven advertising lies in our ability to make decisions based on contextual information. Today, many AI solutions are effective at narrow focuses of intelligence; take, for example, automated bidding. 

  • Google effectively increases the volume of conversions that come from campaigns by finding searchers who are likely to convert. 
  • Google is less successful at determining the best types of conversions to optimize for based on a community’s website, business situation, and customer journey. 

Our team of experts intuitively understand human behavior, are in tune with our clients’ business objectives, and possess the creativity to think of new ways to collect and use data. By leaning into Hybrid Intelligence, Conversion Logix harnesses the value of AI and the expertise of our team to deliver qualified leads that convert to residents. 

Leveraging AI in Analytics To Make Better Decisions 

Another area where AI can help us develop augmented human intelligence is marketing analysis. Making data-driven decisions in marketing is becoming increasingly easier with AI insights and predictive analytics. 

With the introduction of Google Analytics 4, AI-driven features are helping marketers gain a deeper understanding of user behavior and website interactions. We can better track user journeys in a cookieless future through machine learning algorithms, providing valuable data on user demographics, interests, and preferences. 

We’ve gone beyond the widely-available industry tools to build an AI-based recommendation engine that gives our clients a competitive edge in a fast-paced industry. Our proprietary platform leverages data from thousands of our property marketing campaigns and lead journeys from over one million leads to deliver automated campaign insights and recommendations. This empowers our marketing experts to make decisions with speed and precision from deep AI insights.

AI-powered analytics gives our team the ability to forecast trends and identify opportunities to optimize marketing strategies for better outcomes.

Why We’re Bullish on Hybrid Intelligence

At Conversion Logix, we’re excited to explore how AI can help us provide cutting-edge campaigns for our clients. Rather than imagining a world where machines replace humans, we believe it’s more likely that we will see humans and AI work together to enhance each other’s unique capabilities. As impressive as AI is, human marketers who possess the ability to ideate and understand emotion-based decision-making will still be needed at the forefront to make decisions and guide technology to produce the right outcomes. 

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