Add HouseHold Extensions to your Retargeting

The goal of every retargeting campaign is to convert the most sales for the least amount of money. We offer a variety of tools and techniques to help you achieve this, but we’ve just added a new element to our arsenal: Household Extension.

Household Extension broadens campaign reach while still delivering targeted impressions across multiple devices in one location, such as a home or a small office.

Household Targeting

How can this expanded capability benefit your campaign?

Multi-device retargeting

Household Extension allows you to expand targeting to every device on a user’s IP address. This capability allows you to reach a single user on multiple devices (think laptop, tablet, and mobile) and/or reach other users on the same IP address.

Retargeting expansion

Consider this hypothetical situation. John Smith, age 18, is excitedly looking to purchase his first car. He’s spent hours and hours eagerly researching this major purchase, but ultimately he will rely on the input of his parents before handing over his hard-earned money.

Let’s say you’re a car dealership that stocks a large inventory of used cars. John is diligently looking at what you have for sale in his price range. Wouldn’t it be nice if Mom and Dad were also exposed to the same advertising John was viewing?

Your dealership may come out on top of your competition because the right people (in this case, multiple people within the same family) are seeing your advertisement. Influence decision makers by reaching multiple household members through connected devices.

Additional Prospecting Opportunity

By reaching multiple people on a single IP address, you have the opportunity to capture new users prospecting information within your original retargeting landscape, most likely their circle of influence.

We can help you implement this feature in an existing retargeting campaign or we can start a new one! Reaching more people means increased opportunity for conversions at a reduced cost. Grow your business and prospect list without any additional effort with Household Extension.

New: Retargeting in the Facebook News Feed

We’ve had access to Facebook retargeting for a while now, but we now have a new feature we’re excited to announce: Facebook retargeting in the News Feed.

If you’re ever on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen the Facebook News Feed ads. They are usually called “Suggested Posts” and promote a page that Facebook thinks you’ll like. These ads are extremely effective, and now Facebook has opened them up to the ad exchanges.

These ads get click through rates that are up to 50 times better than normal FBX ads. Instead of going only on the right-hand side of the feed, your posts will be front and center to everyone who has visited your website.

We’re rolling out Facebook News Feed Targeting to select customers, so contact us to get started with your campaign.

Use Retargeting to increase your traditional advertising’s effectiveness

Even in today’s world, traditional advertising is still important. It helps create awareness of your business, familiarizes people with your products and helps drive demand.

The problem with traditional advertising is that’s all it does. It tells people about you, but you don’t have the opportunity to segment your advertising and marketing to people who might be more likely to make a purchase in the short term.

That’s where we come in.

In order to help you get better ROI from your existing advertising, we use retargeting. If you think about it, all your advertising tells people to visit your website. Your URL is on every bus ad and your TV ads end with your website address. After people see your ad, they hit the Internet to find out more about you.

So you spent all this time and effort getting people to your site, do you really think they’re going to convert on their first visit? The answer is no. In fact, 98% of people who visit your site will take no action – they’re just there to browse.

Retargeting fights window shopping and delivers ads to your website visitors after they leave your site, helping you increase your conversion rate and maintain top of mind awareness of your business.

Make 2013 your best year yet and start a retargeting campaign for your business.

Tablet users are engaged during primetime – are you marketing to them?

Tablets are becoming more and more commonplace both in work and at home, and they are now the ultimate companion device for consumers as they watch TV.

In a new report from Flurry Analytics, tablet users are shown to use their tablets throughout the day, but during the primetime hours the usage spikes.

What does this mean? It means tablet users are using their devices as they watch TV. They’re searching, networking and playing games. Their high engagement during the primetime TV hours means that you have an additional way to get their attention instead of just TV commercials.

Imagine you run a primetime TV spot at 7:30 p.m. on a local news channel. An interested customer sees your ad, grabs their tablet and looks you up online. You have two opportunities to grab them while they are searching for your business.

The first is with a search targeting campaign. Also known as paid search, search targeting puts your ad at the top of search engines. This gives you the chance to reach people as they look up your business.

The second is with Retargeting. Retargeting displays ads to people after they visit your website, allowing you to remarket your business to them. So if the interested tablet user searches and finds your website, but leaves without taking action, you can still reach out to them through a Retargeting campaign.

Tablet users have high primetime engagement, and tend to be older and more affluent than other demographics. It’s time to target tablet users with search and display ads.

The Final Part of the Boeing Classic Campaign: A Mobile Website

The third portion of the campaign was the mobile website. Since the rate of mobile Internet adoption is expected to pass desktop Internet useage in two years, it was almost essential to offer a mobile interface for Boeing Classic. The mobile page featured links to the Boeing Classic Facebook page, directions to the golf course, a schedule of events, and an embedded Twitter widget programmed to grab tweets about the Boeing Classic. The mobile site also featured a tee times page that we updated daily so tournament-goers could see when their favorite players were teeing off.

Overall, the campaign was a huge success. We brought more than 1,000 people to the Boeing Classic website, and delivered more than half a million ad impressions to Boeing Classic’s target demographic. Our ads were displayed on thousands of websites, spanning more than 50 ad networks. These results echo what we see with our clients every day. Boeing Classic wanted a far-reaching display campaign, and we delivered.

This is just one example of how our clients use our products to attract more people to their site. Go to our website to learn more about starting your own digital marketing program.

Boeing Classic Campaign Part Two: Pixel Targeting

The second part of the campaign was a Pixel Targeting campaign. Pixel Targeting is a unique product that we developed to find appropriate customers based on their purchase history, search intent, search history and more. For Boeing Classic, the Pixel Targeting campaign was aimed at Washington State golf enthusiasts. This allowed Boeing Classic to reach out to people who might not have heard about their website, but would be interested in attending the tournament.

The Pixel Targeting campaign used the same creative as the Site Retargeting campaign, and the eye-popping design grabbed the attention of golf enthusiasts as they browsed their favorite websites. This part of the campaign was focused on high-volume ad inventory and succeeded in reaching thousands of people in Boeing Classic’s target demographic.

Overall campaign stats were just as impressive as Retargeting: 301,051 impressions, 527 clicks and a CTR of .18%

It’s Time to Start Targeting

Targeting is the new way to reach your customers. In a new study from ValueClick, more than half of all marketers said that they thought Retargeting was one of the most important forms of targeting available.

The reason is simple: you are able to advertise and reach out to your website visitors repeatedly, giving you more opportunities to bring them back to your site and heightening brand awareness so they’ll remember you.

You already spend money bringing people to your website, so don’t you want to have multiple chances to reach out to them? Retargeting increases the ROI on all your other advertising because it brings back people who you hear about your website through all other advertising.

There are other forms of targeting such as behavioral, contextual, pixel and search retargeting. Each one offers a different way to reach your customers, and can be combined to bring you the best mix of traffic to your site.

If you currently don’t do any targeting, however, Retargeting is a great way to start. It makes use of your existing advertising and the website traffic you currently have. Retargeting is so simple that if you aren’t retargeting then you aren’t even in the game. It’s time to step up and start Retargeting your website visitors.

Add Search To Your Display Campaign

Display advertising has been around almost as long as the Internet; however, we’ve seen advanced changes to how display advertising works since those early days of the web.

We can now target every display ad to people based on their search history, what websites they’ve visited and what webpage they’re on currently. This gives us powerful tools to provide relative ads to all your customers.

Now, a new survey from Econsultancy says that adding search to display campaigns helps improve ROI across the board. In fact, 56% of marketers said they planned to integrate search with their banner campaigns.

One type of banner advertising that benefits from search is Site Retargeting. Site Retargeting delivers banner ads to people who have visited your website, helping you increase branding and mindshare throughout the buying cycle. By using search engine marketing to drive people to your site, you can target more people with your message.

At AdsUpNow, we provide a la carte packages for all your digital marketing needs. We can help you with search, display, SEO, local, and more. Contact us today to get started with your digital marketing campaign.

Why You Should Do Display Advertising

Targeted display advertising is one of the best ways to market to the largest possible audience for your target demographic.

Display advertising gives you the ability to market to your potential customers no matter where they are in the sales funnel. It can help build awareness as well as build trust and drive purchases.

One of the best things about display advertising is how measurable it is. You can measure how many people have clicked on the ads, and you can also measure how much of a lift you got from your other advertising efforts, such as website traffic, branded search queries, email marketing conversions, etc.

Display advertising can bring significant lift to all your other advertising efforts. In a report from Online Marketing Connect, targeted display advertising can bring a 30% increase in conversion rates from online forms. Additionally, comScore said that display increased lift to an advertiser’s website by 46%.

At AdsUpNow, we offer a variety of display advertising options to help maximize the impressions from every dollar you spend. We continually adjust and optimize your campaign to get the best results. Contact us today for a free marketing consultation.

Multitasking Consumers Bring New Challenges

Consumers are using more media than ever before, but their attention is more divided than ever before as well. In a new report from eMarketer, consumers are spending more than 11 hours with media on a daily basis.

Coming in first is TV and video, with 4:34 spent watching at least some kind of video. That’s a huge number, and shows that even in today’s world, traditional TV spend shouldn’t be counted out.

Even more telling than TV is that Internet came in at 2:47 per day. That’s an amazing statistic for a technology that has only been around for a few years. That’s also good news for digital marketing, because Internet usage has been increasing and shows no sign of slowing down.

The flipside to this increased time spent consuming content means that more of that time is spent multitasking through different forms of media, so there’s less dedicated time spent interacting with one form of media.

This is especially apparent with people watching TV. More than 16% of respondents said they visit the websites of companies’ ads they see, and 19% of tablet and smartphone users said they searched for information on commercials they see as well. This shows the importance of having an integrated marketing campaign, because people don’t just watch TV or go online anymore, they do them all at once.

An easy way to integrate your campaigns is Retargeting. By referencing a special or discount in your radio and TV ads for online shoppers, you can drive more traffic to your website. Then, after people visit your website, you can target them with display advertising, increasing the chance of them returning and converting.

Contact us today to find out how to reach more Internet users with Retargeting.