A Special Announcement: Fastest-Growing Company

Special Announcement

We’re excited to announce that we have officially been named the Puget Sound Business Journal’s #1 fastest-growing private company on the Eastside!

In the detailed report by Melissa Crowe from the Puget Sound Business Journal, we were awarded the title of fastest-growing company of the Eastside based off our exponential revenue growth, increasing 270.26% from 2015 to 2017. We have recently acquired Ascendance Digital Media, dba AdsUpNow, and with this acquisition comes the combination of the #1 and #18 fastest-growing companies of the Eastside.

Neither Conversion Logix, or previously acquired AdsUpNow, are strangers to this type of award. Both companies have both been listed multiple times in recent years. We pride ourselves on the distinct honor of being the #1 fastest-growing company of the Eastside.

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Public Announcement About Facebook Advertising

After months of scrutiny about privacy concerns and where ads are actually coming from, Facebook has taken action into their own hands. Advertisers and consumers alike went to sleep on Thursday, June 28h and woke up on Friday, June 29th with a pretty substantial change on their favorite social media platform.

With Facebook trying to crack down on fraudulent accounts that have previously served false ads, they have opened a floodgate of possibilities for its consumer base.

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Digital Advertising Revenues on the Rise


The digital advertising industry in the United States has seen another booming increase in year over year revenue growth. According to IAB.com, US online advertising revenue saw a 21.4% increase from 2016 to 2017. This large year over year increase brings total online advertising revenue for 2017 to a bolstering $88 billion. This growth can be attributed to services such as paid search, social media advertising, and display advertising – all of which cater to mobile-friendly impressions.

Here are a few of the main takeaways from the full report:


Video Advertising is becoming one of the most popular forms of online advertising.

Video advertising in 2017 increased to 14% of total online advertising revenue. Though adoption may not be as high as some of the other services online, it is increasing exponentially as the total advertising spend for video skyrocketed by 33% in 2017 – making up $11.9 billion of the total advertising revenue.

Display banner ads perform better on mobile devices.

Display banners are far more popular to consumers on a mobile device than they are on a desktop. Banners represent a little less than 40% of all mobile advertising spend compared to less than 25% of spend on a desktop.

25% of ALL digital advertising spend is going towards social media advertising.

Video advertising is growing at an immensely fast rate. However, social media advertising is growing at an even quicker rate. The revenue from social media advertising increased by 36% from 2016 to 2017, and it is not expected to slow down anytime soon. Social media advertising now accounts for $22.2 billion in online advertising revenue – making it one-quarter of all online advertising spend.


These revenue reports show that the demand for digital advertising is significant and the industry is here to stay. While the medium of how we advertise online may change, it looks like the industry will see consistent growth in year over year revenue.

If you have any questions about this report or if you want to inquire about starting your own online advertising campaign click here.

Add HouseHold Extensions to your Retargeting

The goal of every retargeting campaign is to convert the most sales for the least amount of money. We offer a variety of tools and techniques to help you achieve this, but we’ve just added a new element to our arsenal: Household Extension.

Household Extension broadens campaign reach while still delivering targeted impressions across multiple devices in one location, such as a home or a small office.

Household Targeting

How can this expanded capability benefit your campaign?

Multi-device retargeting

Household Extension allows you to expand targeting to every device on a user’s IP address. This capability allows you to reach a single user on multiple devices (think laptop, tablet, and mobile) and/or reach other users on the same IP address.

Retargeting expansion

Consider this hypothetical situation. John Smith, age 18, is excitedly looking to purchase his first car. He’s spent hours and hours eagerly researching this major purchase, but ultimately he will rely on the input of his parents before handing over his hard-earned money.

Let’s say you’re a car dealership that stocks a large inventory of used cars. John is diligently looking at what you have for sale in his price range. Wouldn’t it be nice if Mom and Dad were also exposed to the same advertising John was viewing?

Your dealership may come out on top of your competition because the right people (in this case, multiple people within the same family) are seeing your advertisement. Influence decision makers by reaching multiple household members through connected devices.

Additional Prospecting Opportunity

By reaching multiple people on a single IP address, you have the opportunity to capture new users prospecting information within your original retargeting landscape, most likely their circle of influence.

We can help you implement this feature in an existing retargeting campaign or we can start a new one! Reaching more people means increased opportunity for conversions at a reduced cost. Grow your business and prospect list without any additional effort with Household Extension.

Capitalizing On Big Game Buzz

It is NFL playoff season and people are buzzing about football, especially here in Seattle where our Seahawks are Super Bowl bound after an incredible comeback against the Green Bay Packers. Although you may not have the marketing budget to buy air time during the Super Bowl (which is reportedly going for a cool $4 million for a 30-second commercial), you can still capitalize off the excitement and energy generated by the Big Game and use it to positively impact your business.

Make a game plan

You have a set amount of advertising dollars and it’s up to you to spend them how you deem most beneficial. How are you going to drive potential customers to make a purchase? You already have your plans in motion with your retargeting campaign, but consider ramping up your efforts and adding a special promotion or offer related to Super Bowl weekend.

Connect with your 12s

Seattle Seahawks fans are affectionately referred to as the 12th Man (or 12s) and the Seahawks organization masterfully connects with their fans. The 12th Man feels like they are part of the team and you can foster that same connection with your “fans.” Follow the Seahawks’ lead and stay in touch with your customers via social media and an effective marketing campaign. Offering a special incentive or offer can generate business and build brand loyalty.

NFL Conversion Driver

Execute your big play

Go above and beyond your standard offense and execute your big play with your Super Bowl offer. Through email marketing or a custom conversion driver, you can drive fans to your website and capture prospective customer information while providing them with a valuable offer. Use the Seahawks Super Bowl buzz to your advantage.

Outwit your opponent

You are not the only company selling your particular product or service, but you can be the best at selling, far exceeding others in your industry. By continually evaluating and refining your marketing campaign, you can stay 10 yards ahead of your competition. We offer several different tools to energize your online marketing, increasing leads and building your brand so you come out on top.


Putting all of the right things in motion at the right time will result in a score for your business. Increase brand awareness, convert website visitors, or reward loyal customers. Get creative and come up with a fun, Super Bowl-sized way to score a touchdown for your business.

Auto Dealers Spending More In Digital Advertising Than Ever

The auto industry is embracing digital advertising and marketing more than ever. In a new report from eMarketer, digital advertising spending for automotive is up 18.8% year-over-year.

This confirms what we already knew about digital. Your competitors are jumping into digital spending and you need to be as well. An effective digital marketing campaign can bring you new customers and help convert existing shoppers into buyers.

Digital Spend

Looking for a new way to bring people to your dealership? Check out our Conversion Drivers. Conversion Drivers will help you turn more of your online traffic into leads and sales. Competition is only going to increase as more dealers start improving their online presence.

Yahoo’s Tumblr purchase means they’re going big into display advertising

Over the past week or so since Yahoo announced they were buying Tumblr, many panned the idea, dismissing it as an aging tech giant’s feeble attempt to stay relevant to younger audiences. What the buy really means is that Yahoo is going all-in on display advertising.

Let’s not forget that Marissa Mayer was a top executive at Google, basically the biggest Internet success story ever. She has seen first-hand the data behind all of Google’s products – including its search and display networks.

People think of search advertising as the de-facto form of Internet advertising, but the truth is display advertising is equally as effective, and helps you capture your customers at a different point in the funnel.

In a recent Wordstream study on search versus display advertising, they found that average CPAs (cost per action) on Google display networks are often lower than Google search CPAs.

Display ads have gotten better and better over the years with advancements like retargeting, contextual targeting and search retargeting. Plus, with certain CPCs on search becoming outrageously expensive (some top $50), display advertising is becoming more attractive because of its lower barrier to entry.

Some think that Yahoo paid too much for Tumblr. I think that Tumblr gives Yahoo a new avenue to pursue a younger audience, and gives it more display inventory for ad serving.

Plus, with the leaps and bounds made in display advertising, it helps Yahoo diversify beyond the search results.

Digital Politcal Ad Spend Increasing

It’s an election year, which means upcoming political candidates are spending a lot of advertising dollars are being spent to promote their campaigns.

According to new numbers from a report by Borrell Associates, online political ad spending is set to increase to $160 million this year – up from just $22 million in 2008. That marks a huge increase from how the digital advertising space was valued just four years ago.

Of that $160 million in online spending, 30% of it is expected to be targeted display advertising, such as retargeting and contextual targeting. Another 32.6% of the political budget will be spent on search targeting.

The only areas losing share for online spending are email, and streaming audio. Streaming video is expected to hold at 22%.

So the biggest names in politics are investing more and more into digital advertising, showing that online advertising is seen as more necessary than ever.

Are you stepping up your digital game for 2012? Digital advertising is growing across the board, and if you aren’t taking advantage of it, you need to.

Contact us today for your free digital consultation.

Global Ad Spending to Rise 4.9% in 2012

Global ad spending is set to rise almost 5% this year to reach a total of $465.5 billion according to new numbers from research firm Strategy Analytics.

The total U.S. spending rate is set to grow 2.7%, up from .6% in 2011. Global online spending is predicted to grow the fastest, by 12.8% to $83.2 billion – meaning 18% of total ad spend.

Online ad spending is still leading the way, though growth has slowed due to the growing maturity of online spending. In 2011, Internet media revenue grew by 21.4%, but is set to only grow 10.9% in 2012.

Despite the slowdown in growth, digital advertising is set to increase its share of the global ad market from 15.9% in 2011 to 21.2% in 2014.

So what do we know from these numbers? Well, for starters, digital advertising is growing rapidly, and is eroding TV’s 40% global share of all advertising dollars. These numbers represent important trends that you must acknowledge as a small business owner. Gone are the days where creating a radio or TV ad was enough; now, you need to be invested in social marketing, banner advertising, search optimization and have a killer website.

So who is going to help you wade through these treacherous waters? Well, that’s why we’re here. We’ve created hundreds of digital marketing campaigns, and we’ve successfully increased sales and revenue for all our clients.

If you have any other questions about what we do or ways we can help out your business, let us know in the comments or contact us on our website.